Ayesha Atique, L.AC. Dipl. O.M. MSTOM – Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology

Giana Ferrari Ayers, M.A., CRC, LCPC – Transition & Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Sara Banks – MSW, LCSW – Therapy

Denise Dojka, Psy.D. – Clinical Psychology

Todd Huenecke, PhD – Psychology

Pamela Hunter – Yoga and Wellness

Kelly S. Johnson, Psy.D. – Child and Adult Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, School Psychology, Gifted Testing

Danielle Koby, Ph.D. – Clinical Health Psychology

Sandra Krummenacher, MS, LCPC – Psychotherapist and Certified Mediator

Martin E. Lemon, Ph.D. – Clinical Psychology

Janet Levitt, MA, LCPC – Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Jayne Mulvihill, Ph.D. – Psychotherapist, Postdoctoral Fellow

Yolanda Olszewski, PsyD, LCPC – Therapy and Assessments

Megan Partington, Psy.D. – Clinical Neuropsychology

Rosetta Sodora, RD, LD,CLT – Nutritional/Dietary Counseling

Megan Wells – Certified Coach